First message not being recieved

I am using the MOTD plug-in written by Jay Kline.

Basically it automattically sends a message as soon as the user logs in.

It works fine with every jabber client I use except Spark.

A Wireshark trace of the session shows the message making it to the user computer but Spark is ignoring it.

It looks like the spark client is trying to download profile info at the time and ignores messages.

A quick experiment with a regualr user showed the same thing. I had her send multiple rapid messages just as I was logging in and some got dropped durring about the same time the MOTD broadcast should come up.

As a final experiment I logged in with a different Jabber client while Spark was still logged in and Spark did intercept and display the MOTD broadcast like I expected to see which tells me there isn’'t anything wrong with the broadcast itself.

I saw this in version 1.1.4 and 2.0

Is this the nature of the beast that it has to ignore messages while doing certain tasks?

Where Jay Kline’'s plugin can be downloaded from?

Has Spark started supporting MOTD?