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First setup problems

I want to have an instant message system in my office for educations perposes mostly.

So I am trying OpenFire to learn some things about these services.

After setup OpenFire in a server in my LAN I create in other two computers two accounts with Pidgin as clients.

I create the same accounts in the web interface of OpenFire also.

These two users apears in Buddy List in every Pidgin but they apears as “Not Authorized” witha red signal.

I setup Pidgin’s accounts as below:

In “Basic” tab at Account creation tabs:

Protocol -> XMPP

Screen name -> manolis (just as in “Create new user” menu in OpenFire web interface)

domain -> brazil (just as server name in my LAN)

resource -> Home (as default)

Password -> abcd (just as in “Create new user” menu in OpenFire web interface)

At “Advanced” tab:

Connect Server -> (as the IP address of my LAN server).

Can you help me about this problem ?

The XMPP protocol is the right choice for this use ?

Is there something that I can change it and make this service works fine ?


I have to notice also that in web interface of OpenFire both of accounts apears online in Users page.

I think in pidgin you have to add the users with username@domain.

username@domain or username@serverIPaddress ?

I already try as username@brazil (as domain) but the problem remains.

Even I manualy ask for authorization from one client to the other the asking for authorization seems that doesn’t received because I don’t get a request for authorization.

i add users as user.name@hostname.domain for example

account Joe Smith machine name computer1 domain name yourdomain would be added as joe.smith@computer1.yourdomain

Since I want to login from any computer in my network to this OpenFire server I can’t see how can I follow a form like joe.smith@computer1.yourdomain

Do you know any other client as Pidgin for OpenFire for better results ?

I am sure Ignite would recommend Spark but here is a goodlink for other jabber clients


Finally both Spark and Pandion works fine with OpenFire.

But now I have another problem. If I login as domain administrator Spark starts normally. If I login as a normal domain user Spark doesn’t starts even I click on its icon.

Can you please tell me how can I permit normal users in my domain to use Spark ?

I try by permiting all domain users to full access on folder C/Program Files/Spark but no results.

Maybe it is the allow anonymous connections under registartion and login

Whta do you mean ? ?:expressionless:

It just don’t start the Spark service when a normal user is logged in this computer.

If an administrator has logged in the same computer Spark starts normally.

I am afraid that something going on with permissions in registry.