First time user of Spark

I just implemented this software in our business and I have to say its one of the best I seen. I have a question, is there a way to setup an option where people can broadcast files to a selected group of people?

Like for example I wanted to send my group of friends - 15 people, the daily lunch menu on xls format.

You can broadcast to individuals or to groups. If you have a dsignated group that you wnat to send a regular broadcast to, create a group, add the users, right click on the group name, choose broadcast message to group.

was that implying just broadcasting messages or files to the groups. Im sorry if I mistype my question or even misread your responds

But I want to send a file “hi.doc” to 15 people at once so they all have the document. I noticed in broadcast I can talk to multiple people however not send multiple people files.

Files is a different story. You can not broadcast a file to multiple users at the same time.

Are there any addon’s current for Spark that can allow such an option or should I stick with the good old email.

You can put this file somewhere on the network and then just broadcast a link to it. There is no such plugin, afaik. If you want to send something, which is not a vital thng for that moment, then email is good for that, i think. Spark is a messenger client after all