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Flash 8

Anybody having problems with the Flash Player 8 plugin running XIFF stuff?

Until this morning when I put Flash 8 on, everything was fine, now it won’'t connect to my jabber server at all.

But as soon as I revert back to Flash Player 7 everything is cool again.

At no point have I changed the swf.

If I run the movie in Flash 8 authoring environment it DOES connect though, just not when published to a swf+html and loaded in a browser.

The latest version of the Flash 8 plugin seems to have fixed this.

Get it from macromedia.com, rather than using the one that comes with Flash 8.

may u can tell me what browser u have used…

actually there are some problems with the flash 8 player runing in local envoirement…

i know several bugs belonging security reasons when running on a local system …

4 xample… i read in annother forum that the falsh 8 player doesent load an xml document for security reasons and makes an alert warning and gives u the advise to change the player setting on the macromedia site


Did version 8 fixed the end bit bug?

Yes, it was the new security settings.

All javascript and php, cgi calls etc (including the XIFF connection) are disabled in Flash 8 when running on a local computer.

You have to access the new security settings panel to change it (right-click on the swf).

I didn’'t get any alerts to tell me this at all though! I was completely lost.