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Flash-based Audio and Video in Openfire

If you want to try out flash-based audio and video in Openfire with the latest version of the red5 plugin (0.0.7) that supports the Red5Gateway which enables telephone calls from Flash then please visit


I have configured two groups

groupa with 9 users test1a, test2a,…test9a

groupb with 9 users test1b, test2b,…test9b

user passwords are the same as the usernames


You can make a phone call via red5gateway to any UK number through my service provider voiptalk

To make an international call, use 00 as your prefix. For example 001 is the prefix for a US number.

For more info see the www.voiptalk.org web site.

Your outgoing calls are limited to 30 secs.


You can recieve an incoming SIP call to any of the user names you log into (test1a@red5.4ng.net for example) or the group the user has joined. (groupa@red5.4ng.net for example).

To recieve a call from a telephone number, you have to configure your sending PBX or Voice ISP to route the call to the SIP address of the user you have logged into (test5b@red5.4ng.net for example).

Anyone in groupa can be called from UK pstn number +448713093428

Anyone in groupb can be called from US pstn number +13602266125

Please note that…

Firefox runs JWChat5 better than IE. I get occasional lockups with IE.

To plan to try out with Spark, download the latest Spark red5 plugin

To plan to try out with Pandion 2.5, download and install this patch

I have configured the Red5 plugin for RTMPT on port 8000. This means the audio should work across most firewalls, http proxies and NAT. It worked from my office.

If you want to add a custom user or group to test, send me an email.

Any feedback is always welcome.