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Flash Bug & Openfire

I want to know if openfire support flash player bug

(Flash expects NUL bytes in the data it receives.

When it receives a NUL byte on the XML socket, the callback function

XMLSocket.onData or XMLSocket.onXML is invoked. Which means the Jabber

server have to append a NUL to the XML packets it sends.)

I know that XIFF AS3.0 supports it (because in Flash player 9 this bug its fixed)

in jabberd 1.4.x there is a patch… also in ejabberd…

is there any path on openfire ? because i cannot make it work with my flash client.


It works for me. It seems you do not send “flash” parameter in the connect method.

This code should work

var connection = new XMPPConnection();

connection.username = “cooluser”;

connection.password = “coolpassword”;

connection.server = “openfireserver”;

connection.connect( “flash” );