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Flash connection clarification

Can anyone provide more clarity to Jive Messenger’‘s ability to work with Flash clients. Are connections only available using the XIFF library or does Messenger also support Flash’‘s XMLSocket? Any help is appreciated. We’'re trying to implement a Flex-based client, and are trying to understand the best way to proceed.



We haven’‘t done any testing with Flah’‘s XMLSocket so don’'t know if it would work. See JM-1 for more information about our current XIFF support. If you run into issues with XMLSocket, please let us know what they are.



The xiff library provides an easy to use programming api for jabber instant messaging. So I would recommend you to use this library as it is quite good. There is right now not much further development activity but I plan to bring new live into this project. Starting from scratch with xml sockets would be a lot of work!


Thanks. It sounds like XIFF is the path of least resistance. To date, the only example that claims to work with Jive Messenger is at:


Using an adjusted version of XIFF:



Hey Aaron,

In this other url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=94569#94569thread[/url] you can find another example that uses the XIFF library. The provided example allows you to log into the server and join/create a group chat room.


– Gato