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Flash/Flex Client with XIFF 3.0.0-beta1


I’m looking for a Flash/Flex client that uses XIFF 3.0.0-beta1.The one I could find: http://velloff.com/XIFF_AS3/XIFF_AS3_GUI.html does not seem to be compatible with XIFF 3.0.0.

Can someone point to me to a open-source, working client example?

Also, any recommendations on commercial clients out there using XIFF?



I had updated it a while back to work with the beta download: http://yourpalmark.com/2009/02/23/xiff-gui-as3-xmpp-demo/

And Juga had updated it to work with a recent trunk, but I think that is out-of-date now: http://paazio.nanbudo.fi/tutorials/flash/xiff-gui-paazmaya-edition

If you are working off of the latest trunk, I have a local version that I have updated that I’ll try to push out again.

Thanks for the link. That works great! I was able to use the client against my Openfire server running locally.

I’m however unable to connect to jabber.org server domain. Is this the crossdomain issue with Flash? When I use ‘jabber.org’ as the Server domain, and try to connect, I get this error:

XIFFErrorEvent onXIFFError: type:auth message:Not Authorized

Code 401

I verified that I’m able to login to the jabber.org server with my account using the Spark client.



I’m having the same problem, only with my app, with Spark it works.

Jabber.org does not offer a suitable cross domain policy file for Flash player thus the connection does not go anywhere.

Some time ago there was mentioned that their server software would be updated and this issue looked upon…