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Flow control for IBB (Can''t run jUnit tests)


Our application makes heavy use of file transfers. Due to firewall issues, most transfers are done using IBB. On situations where we need to send large files to slow clients, the Openfire server runs out of memory often.

So, we’'re considering implementing a simple flow control for IBB on Smack.

Currently, we’‘re still studying Smack’'s source code and trying to run and change some jUnit tests. Specifically, we cannot run tests on class FileTransferTest. An exception (501-feature not implemented) is thrown during the stream negotiation process.

We’'ve using Smack source code from SVN and Openfire 3.3.2 with default configuration.

This is happening only for the jUnit test. Our application is able to transfer files with IBB using Smack 3.0.4.

Any clue?




I’'ve figured out what is happening. Since I was trying to run the jUnit tests from Eclipse some required classes were not being loaded. Specifically, the ones described at ‘‘smack-config.xml’’. It works running with ant.