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For those who have running jive with more then 1000 users simultaneosly

i wanna know of you the impression of jive with that number of users.

and in what machine do you run the servers.

and what about the connections of the database (mysql), the minimum and maximum number of it?




My site regurlarly runs with around 1400 concurrent online users. We are using LDAP for authentication, and Postgres for the DB - we run on a dual processor Dell rack-mounted server running RHEL 3 with 4GB of RAM (this box also hosts an internal version of SourceForge.net, with all of the PHP and DB stuff required for that).

I originally had quite a number of problems with the DB connection pool (which Gato has helped out with - and we are in the process of testing his fix that was put in for version 2.4.0 for this issue) - I currently run with a minimum of 25 connections in the pool, and a maximum of 250. This seems to give us good balance (on version 2.2.0 in production) between keeping too many connections around (memory hit) and not having enough. Note that not every connected user needs a DB connection all the time - they are usually only needed for logging in, some status operations, and conf room logging.

With this mix, we seem to be doing ok most of the time - about every month though, we seem to have DB connection pool lockup problems, hence Gato’'s most recent fix for this in version 2.4.0, which we are currently testing on our staging server before putting into production later this month.

Hope this helps.