Force Avatar for users?

Hi there,

Is there a way for the admin person to change users Avatars? via Openfire or Spark?

I am an admin user and i tried changing another user’s Avatar in Spark, but there is no option to save.



I also have interest in the same resource

The avatar is stored in the user controlled vCard. One can write a plugin which intercepts all vCard updates and replaces the photo with something else (LDAP source, external URL) or disable updates completely.

I realized that is saved in mysql database.
if someone programming an interface to edit this table by inserting new photos in the format BINVAL would already be a great help


If the user replaces the avatar after starting Spark then this does not help. You still need to intercept or block vCard updates.

In my case the change of avatar is released to the user. But when new users are created have the need to put the first avatar … currently with the logo and insert temporary password. It would be interesting to modify at any time through the admin interface.