Force OpenFire to use CNAME


I’m trying to figure out how I can get OpenFire to use our CNAME rather than the server name.

Currently a username authenticated against LDAP is:

Our CNAME is

How can I force OpenFire to allow users to add


in openfire, the server name is really the xmpp domain for your service, and not the name of the server itself. So, you’ll want do change the xmpp.domain property to “

Now by doing this your jid will change from to, so you’ll need to be sure you update your admin.authorized.jids to reflect the change before you restart the service, otherwise you might get locked out, and will have to go through the install script again or manual update the database.

You’ll also most likely have to regenerate the self signed ssl if you’re using one.


Hah, I wish I saw this sooner. I learnt the hard way.

This was spot on though, thank you!