Force Spark login with specified credentials?

Is there a way to force Spark to auto login using the current users Windows authentication? What I’'d like to do is force spark to auto connect when launched without any user intervention.

As of right now, Spark cannot do this. However, I am working with Jivesoftware to help get support for this (both Spark and Wildfire need the support added). It is still early in the process, but you can vote for JM-281 in the issue tracker, if you would like.

Thanks! Hopefully Jive will get that integrated soon. It’'s not holding up my deployment it would just make it a heck of a lot nicer.

Still waiting for forced login and preventing users from login out of Spark.

SSO (Single Sign On, which means using Windows/AD account to login) option is already available in 2.6.0 Beta/RC versions. But this is not an easy task to configure and make it working. You can search the forums for “SSO”.

Yes, I saw the SSO thread but gave up on it. Seems too complicated and risky. An easier solution will do the trick. I was hoping for a simple feature where Spark will recognize the logged in user’s network ID and log in automatically on startup.

Well. This can’t be easy. Spark can’t just guess the login/password combination of windows/AD user. It has to speak to Kerberos services of Windows/AD and that is what SSO feature is doing.

I do not understand why Spark has to guess the login and password combination for the same account it uses as the login name. The password should not matter if one is already logged in on their account with it. If a user is already logged onto the domain, it should just verify it is the authorized user by checking if their name do exists in AD on that domain. To log into your windows account, you need your password. Why do you have to enter passwords for the same user account again if you are already logged into that account?

I meant if you don’t use SSO, then you have to know both the login and the password. E.g. if you open a Sharepoint site it will log you in with your AD account. But you can logout and login with a different user and then it will ask for a password. Same with Outlook using Exchange. Spark is only able to automatically login with your Windows (i believe it only supports domain accounts) account through the SSO add-on and there is no other way. If you think this is too complicated, you are free to program your own add-on for Spark/Openfire.