Forced group chat upon login

We have a group set up of users that is all the customer service people. I would like when they sign on to spark for everyon in that group to automaticaly be joined into a conference that persists throughout the day. The issue is If I broacast a message from my group (support) to the customer service group, the response is private, so if i ask in broadcast for someone to take care of a customer, the others wont know when somebody else responds and takes it. A persistent forced conference would solve this.

I got it to whre we created a permanent room and they join it on login. Is there a way to disallow them from exiting the room or closing the window (minimize is fine I just want them to be forced to stay in the room)


It would be nice to have “conference” chats in separate windows from “contacts” chats.

Lots of ppl complain about inadvertantly leaving the conference chat when closing contacts chat windows.

I haven’t found a way to separate them as of yet.

zbeak wrote:

I haven’t found a way to separate them as of yet.

There is no such option in Spark. Having separate window for every chat (private or conference) is filed in the bug tracker for a long time and one person tried to do this in the past, but his solution had some bugs. Currently noone is working on it. But you probably want still to use tabs, just separate priovate chats and conferences into 2 windows. This isn’t filed as a feature request, but i think we should have at least simple option to have separate windows first, before doing any other combinations.