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Forcefully enable spark chat history

Hi everyone.

THis is my 2nd post after geting successfull answer on my 1st post.

This question is about Spark IM chat history. and Sorry if i post wrong place.

My question is just simple. I don’t want to user / client allow to disable chat history or delete history too.

Is it possible any way ?

Thanks in advance.


This is not possible in a simple way. You will have to modify the source, remove those options (disabling and deleting) and then recompile and distribute modified spark.jar file. But user will still be able to go to his AppData and delete history files.

Thanks a lot for prompt response.

Its true that user can delete history by going in appdata. But I am using server mode and by monitoring plugin I can see history in archieve.

So if user delte history from appdata, also delete from server and can’t see by archieve?

Please clarify this and really thanksfull for your quick response.


Users can’t delete history from the server, only their local copy.