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Forcing Roster Update

Is there a way to force each user to update their Roster programmatically just like when they first login with the client software?

I want to force all online users to synchronize their roster with the one in the Roster Cache.

Any suggestions?

Hi William,

I’‘m not doing any development along this line, but an idea just pops up in my head that I thought I’‘d throw it to you. Normally, at login time, users’‘s IM clients will send an IQ of xmlns=jabber:iq:roster to populate the roster. This is a pull approach. I’'m wondering whether it works the same if your program does an IQ push of xmlns=jabber:iq:roster on any change in wildfire roster cache.

I would like to second this request. It would be nice if they could force an update of the roster. Otherwise, what is the polling time between refreshes done on the client?

Can anyone help with this? Ive noticed if I add a new user to openfire, put them in a shared group, and they login, existing users will not see the new member until they log off and log back in. Is there a way to correct this or push a roster update?

I applogize for my lack of clarity. I am using a Mysql database. Here is a breakdown of the issue:

  1. Create a new shared group (public to all)

  2. Create a new user

  3. Put newly created user in the shared group

  4. New User signs in

  5. Existing spark members cannot see either newly created group or (obviously) newly created user until they log off and log back in.

Is there a way to force a roster update to eliminate this issue?