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Forcing Spark to check server certificates

Hi guys,

I just posted comments to the Spark support-side - but realised that this would be better forum:


I work at a quite large university and am currently evaluating / pushing Jabber as a standardised IM first for small internal pilot and later on for the whole university. I’'ve had excellent experiences with a small team using Wildfire and numerous different clients, but now that we started to look a more serious pilot case – I stumbled upon this.

Please do correct me if I am wrong, but if wouldn’'t current situation make it quite trivial to do man in the middle attacks towards Wildfire - if clients ( including Spark ) do not check certificates and quite blindly accept self signed certificates as it happens with the default installation.

What I would like to see is that Spark would have an easy way for user to allow self signed certs or force checks - and easy way to visually check that yes - this server is who it says it is, and that is guaranteed by our CA.

Any thoughts on whether that is a good idea and how it could be implemented, and/or if I have misunderstood something completely about how to create a secure IM enviroment with Wildfire and Spark.