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Forgot admin console password! What do I do?

Hi! So I followed some instructions on the web to use Openfire to have my AIM, MSN and Yahoo contacts appear on my iChat list, and I configured it to work, but now when I went to edit something in the admin console, it asked me for my username and password, and nothing I try works to get me logged in. I don’t even remember making an admin password, just the ones for my individual accounts. Is there a way to reset the admin console password? Thanks!


you can see it in plain text in conf/openfire.xml

Oops, sorry - it’s only for LDAP connection…

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Hi Ian,

If you haven’t changed the admin password, the password is in plainPassword field of jiveUser table in Openfire database.


Hi Tim,

The password in openfire.xml is the password to access the database