Forgot Password

Hi All,

Is there any forgot password reset or recovery tool via web for end user to gain their password if they have lost it.



Users in XMPP usually create accounts directly on the server, so they don’t need to provide email for activation and etc. So there is no such option by default. You will need to create some plugin to do this and also somehow force users to provide their emails.

Thank you for your answer.Most of the people are likely to forget the password as we trying to make solution for public using openfire and spark once a customer register and forget then its a difficult task your suggestion is useful for enviorments like offices but what about if your solution is used like social networking sites .



I understand what are you talking about, it is just xmpp servers don’t have such option in general. If you need to use Openfire for social networking sites, maybe you should use it in conjunction with Jive SBS (these forums are running on it). Or you can create a custum web registration form and make email field required. Then create another form for password reminding, which will pull email from the database and then maybe send a newly generated password. As 'm not sure if is is possible to retrieve passwords, as they are hashed in the database. So it is more like a password reset feature. Openfire is just a communicating core server, not a complete suite for social network sites. But you can build plugins on top of it.


Thank you for reply.We shall build and update may be someone would be intested too in this project let see thank you for your help.

If you still need this