Forum style threads list vs clearspace replies list

I see no point in seeing all replies to one thread when clicking on some community space. Same with search results. I’m getting whole page of results pointing to the same thread. Unproductive.

Hope this is already configurable and can be changed for this community. To show only the last reply of one thread in threads list (same with search results).

Weird, this isn’t what I see at all - were you in the Plugins community? Go to your account preferences area - do you have threaded discussions turned on (or flat?)

Oh. It’s my fault. I was looking at recent activity (Overview page). In Discussions tab everything looks fine, only threads, without replies. I’m using Flat mode. It’s just if i want to check new discussions in some space, i have to click twice (space link itself and then Discussions tab). I mean, if i dont want to see every reply on that list.

As about Search, it could be nice to see some thread, where search word was found, only once in the list. If i search say for “spark ui”, i will get a lot of results pointing to the same thread.