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Forward before accept one call

Hello again,

Once we solve the basic notify of inbounds, it’‘s time to keep up the work on this aspect of Coccinella. When an incoming comes, We’'ve got one Dialog with callerID and two buttons, first for hungup and the other for forward the call to the Voicemail.

For the hungup, due to Asterisk-IM doesn’'t have IQ commands for that matter, we though that one solution could be to make an specific extension into dialplan that hungups the call. Something like:

exten => 6,1,Hungup

And then make a forward of the call to that extension. The problem comes because when the call is established it goes fine, but when we try to make that forward before this doesn’'t run

Some debug logs. Into the Manager I can see no events, it seems that can’'t pass the Asterisk-IM. The XMMP messages are that:


It seems that asterisk isn’‘t able to make the forward before the two peers are together. Where is the problem? It is possible or maybe I’'ve to wait for new feature.

Kind regards

Would your issue be solved if we just added an iq command to hangup the channel?

I can add a feature request for this.

Hello all,

I was a little away and that’‘s why I don’'t answer before, sorry.

Thinking about the new iq command for the hang-up, that seems to be a clean option of do it. It could work because we can hangup the call before pick it up.

But, what happen to the transfer feature? It is a really interesting feature to transfer the call to our voicemail from the pop-up notify dialog before answer the call because we’'re not ready in that moment for attend the caller :).


PS: Please, test the new version of Coccinella with Asterisk-IM support

There were some issues making the transfer feature work correctly with other sip devices, though I do have an idea for fixing this now. Getting tranfer to work with voicemail should actually easier than transfering to another device.