Found old database version. Upgrading

I’‘m running Wildfire 2.6.2, whenever I restart the Wildfire service it appears that it is trying to upgrade the database. What happens is three DB tables are emptied: jiveGroup, jiveGroupProp, jiveGroupUser. Is there a way of stopping this or knowing what DB changes it’'s trying to make?

I’'ve included the error below:

2007.01.07 15:39:23 Found old database version. Upgrading…

Anyone have any ideas?

I saw this before, although I must admit I do not remember it dumping my database. Go into the resources folder under wildfire/resources/database/upgrade then look for the script for your particular database. Then you can see what it is doing in the script. I remember having to manually go in and run the command, but that was from 25. to 2.6… Check that and you should find your answer.



Yes, thank you. I searched the upgrade directory and found the script that was deleting the tables and recreating them. Thank you.