FQDN conceptual issues

New to Openfire.

Scenario is:

We have multiple remote servers. The hostname of each server as-is now isn’t what we want our Openfire to be named:

(ex: now: www.ourbusinessname.com openfire: jabber.ourbusinessname.com)

When we install Openfire via the standard pre-made Debian installer, it auto sets our FQDN in Openfire as www.ourbusinessname.com.

We DO NOT want to change our FQDN/server hostname just because of Openfire.

Rather, we create a DNS A-record for jabber.ourbusinessname.com to point to this server as well as a DNS A-record for www.ourbusinessname.com, both residing on the same server.

Conceptually, this is how we handle other services (DNS, HTTP, mail, etc.).

Question is, how do we get this to work in Openfire?


For what it’s worth, there’s tons of confusion about the FQDN and hostname in conjunction with OpenFire. This is 5+ year issue many have spoke about here and elsewhere.

With that said, we used the web admin for OpenFire to change the FQDN. We removed the existing self-signed certificates via the admin.

Changed domain info from:

www.ourdomain.com to jabber.ourdomain.com. Only changed this within OpenFire.

Created a new A record in DNS:


Stopped OpenFire, Started OpenFire.

Logged into the admin. Regenerated the certificates – for the new domain.

Now our hostname on the server is say: www.ourdomain.com which is different than our jabber name: jabber.ourdomain.com.

It works. Logged in as existing user, created new user.

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You may want to use “example.com” for Openfire. Do not change your existing A records for www.example.com and example.com. Create a new DNS SRV record form XMPP. The XMPP clients do SRV lookups.

HTTP-Bind and the admin gui can then be reached only by IP address but you can create another DNS record if needed.

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