Free to Chat and Available?

Is there a way to “really” delete prompts that I have added under available and free to chat? The option is there, but when I actually click delete, they delete and then when I go back to the list, they are all still there. I was just recently able to edit them and sometimes that does not always work. (I use these prompts at work and my list is so long. I just want to get rid of some of them) Thank you!

What Spark version?


I can only suggest upgrading to 2.6.3, unless you have something against that version.

And no nothing against that version, anytime there is an upgrade I upgrade my versions. Well, I defintely upgraded…again…and it still does it…it is just really weird. The option is there, but it does not work.

So, are you using 2.6.3 now? I can’t reproduce your issue with 2.6.3 version. You can try starting with a fresh profile. You can find you profile at:

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Spark





Delete that folder and start Spark. You will lose history and preferences, as well as all the custom status messages.

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ok …thank you very much for the insight and trying to help me out! this was helpful. thanks again

I am still unable to delete the prompts. I have the most updated version. Why is delete and edit an option if we can only edit?

Have you tried starting with a fresh profile? Just rename C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Spark to say Spark-old and then start Spark and enter your username/pass/server, then try creating new custom presence messages and deleting them. If that works, then your profile is corrupted and i can’t suggest anything else than starting with a fresh profile.