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French Dictionnary


How can i add a french dictionnary to spark 2.6.0 ?

Thank you in advance.

Do you mean for the upcoming 2.6.0 version? Then you can look at lithuanian language as an example SPARK-1078. Then you can attach prepared file here and we will add french support for the next release (not sure when can it be released). Or you can compile your own version with the french spelling included.

If you want to add french spelling into working 2.6.0 client, then this is not possible. It has to be compiled into.

Ok, i use Spark 2.6.0beta on Linu, 2.5.8 for Mac and Windows.

I would like to have french spelling … and i think adding support for other languages could be usefull …

Why don’t you externalise this ? as a plugin ?

I should mentioned, that i’m not a developer myself, just voluntarily looking over this project and contacting with current developer (volunteer as well), patchers, users.

Of course, this would be easier if you could just drop prepared language file and Spark would use it without any code changes. Don’t know is it possible. Definitely not with the 2.5.8, 2.6.0 as those version use commercial spelling plugin, which is removed from the code now. Now Spark is using open source plugin developed by the current Spark developer (cstux). To add another language Spark has to be recompiled for that language to appear in the selection menu. That is how it works now. Is it possible to make it work as i described above, i don’t know. cstux can answer this maybe, but he is not very active in the forums. But anyway, you can’t add french spelling to 2.5.8, 2.6.0 Beta, so you still have to wait for another version.

Ok so, are these files joined with my message usefull to prepare a french spell checker for Spark ???

I will try to compile it but don’t know yet how to do it !

Found aff file on my ubuntu system /usr/share/myspell/dicts/fr_FR.aff

And fr_FR.dic from the gutemberg project : http://www.gutenberg.org/dirs/etext02/mlang10.zip from Grady Ward’s Moby Multiple Language Lists of Common Words !

The dictionnary.lst just made by myself but it was not so difficult
dictionnary.lst.zip (161 Bytes)
fr_FR.aff.zip (3357 Bytes)
fr_FR.dic.zip (335876 Bytes)

So, can someone help me to build a Spark version with French Spellchecking ?

I have all the files to do it … i think :

fr.zip to src/plugins/spelling/src/resources/dictionary/

spellchecker_i18n_fr.properties to src/plugins/spelling/src/resources/i18n

And will it work ?
fr.zip (279721 Bytes)
spellchecker_i18n_fr.properties.zip (279 Bytes)

These files should be enough. Now, download Spark source, put those files in their places and then compile spelling-plugin.jar first (depends on you development environment, in NetBeans i build JAR) and then compile whole Spark project. Then yor language should be there.

I have included fr.zip provided by Patrick into spellchecker source (its translation was already there and more complete, so no changes with it) [SPARK-1998] Add French spelling dictionary - IgniteRealtime JIRA

But Spelling plugin is not included in Spark 2.9.0 build so far as it is missing up to date libraries for Maven (new build system), so this is not very useful for now.