Frequent routine disconnects from clients to server 3.6.0

We have about a dozen people all over the place (in the office, out of the office, traveling, etc) who are all basically using either latest stable version sof Adium or Pidgin & getting frequent (every 5+ minutes, dont know exactly) diconnects from the server.

I have a very long debug window capture from Pidgin if it would be helpful.

I have attached the error.log from the server.

I am wondering if any one else is seeing this, or has any ideas how I can narrow it down, or if this is somehting inside 3.6.0. I have been told, I do not know this for a fact, but I have been told repeatedly by woworkers that since the upgrade from 2.5.0 that this is happening a lot.

Thanks everyone.



Jason Sjobeck
error.log (991722 Bytes)

This might be related with to the heartbeats/keepalives that Openfire requires to arrive regularly. I’ve got this vague memory of the latest release of Pidgin having a different (larger) interval between which the whitespace pings (keepalives) are being sent.

Try increasing the value for this Jive property (or define it if it’s not there): xmpp.client.idle

We’re running at a value of 340000. I’m pretty sure we’re not having problems with Pidgin, as some of my coworkers are using it.

Thanks so much. And coming from somone who has spent a lot of time in this forum, too, thanks.

It was not there so I added it. I will report back after a coupel days of real usage experiences.

(update:only 2-3 Pidgin users, mostly Adium & iChat &