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Friend information get?

Hi community,

How I can send information about user?

example : Test1

name : test1

state : I’m busy your not?

image : MyImage_

Hour : Actually Hour

I don’t know how send information, only know how send name, user , group, type , status “roster”

And another user get these information.

Any idea ?

Any idea ?¿

One idea would be to publish the user’s avatar via Personal Eventing Protocol as described in XEP-0084: User Avatar

Another idea is to update the image in vCard and then send update notification via XEP-0153: vCard-Based Avatars

For the user’s hour (I guess you mean timezone?!), you can use XEP-0202: Entity Time.

Afaik, you are using aSmack?! Still don’t know why you ask your questions in the Openfire forum, then.

All three are client-side protocols and all are not implemented in Smack (except PEP I think), so you have to do it yourself.

Now I’m not need save avatar,

I want save “state of user (busy,bored etc…)”, “Time of User”, “Status Offine Online of user”

and not work using smack.

Any idea ?

state of user (busy,bored etc…)



“Time of User”


“Status Offine Online of user”

Use presence.

and not work using smack.

Any idea ?

I think with Smack’s PEP implementation you can just use “plain XML” as payload. So you can just put the “bored” value (according to XEP-107) as XML payload.

Regarding XEP-202: As I said, you have to implement it yourself.

I haven’t worked with Smack’s pubsub/pep. Maybe have a look here and try to figure it out:

http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/smack/docs/latest/documentation/extensions/ pubsub.html

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9979364/publishing-an-item-with-payload-to-a- pubsub-node-using-smack

GoodNight CSH,

I read all the articles, but I do not entirely understand,

You can put a example code java for each?

Thansk for you help.

Hi. no sorry, I have never worked with Smack’s PubSub. The links I provided have already some code samples. I guess you can figure it out with their help.

Alternative openfire ? you know another ?

I used precense, about 6 - 8 days not is normal, I need alternative, ejjaberd or another


I am not happy with openfire is not normal, it takes one or two months to make a instant messenger, is impossible, I lose so much time searching documentation not complete in openfire!


Alternative openfire ? you know another ?

See here:


I used precense, about 6 - 8 days not is normal


I am not happy with openfire is not normal, it takes one or two months to make a instant messenger

You know… you can’t develop an instant messenger in just 2 weeks.

Spark has been developed over several years.

In my company we are working with XMPP since 2011 and a prototypical Instant Messenging system took also some months.

you could always take spark as your base, then modify as needed until it’s your own instant messanger. spark has been around for a very long time (open sourced in 2006, was privately developed for many years before that), and generally works very well. it has a great plugin system which allows you to quickly and easily add features that you want. or, you can always “hack” on the core.