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"from" contacts showing in Offline Group

I’m having an issue with contacts who add a user showing up in that user’s contact list. For instance, if I were to add someone who is offline to my contact list, I will show up in that persons contact list. I don’t believe this is how it’s supposed to work. We are using Openfire 3.6.3 on linux with AD LDAP Integration and Spark 2.5.8 on WinXP.

I dont quite understand what the problem is. If you want to add someone to your roster, then your client is sending a subscription request to this other client, and this other client is showing its user a message to approve the subscription and add this contact to a roster. Adding contacts is a bidirectional action. Unless shared groups are used, then there is no need to approve subscriptions and contacts are not added to both sides (depends on sharing options).

I should have been more clear. I am using the subscription plugin.

Subscription plugin automatically accepts all subscriptions, so clients dont see any messages and contact is added on bothes sides. That’s a correct behavior for xmpp.