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Full functional flash client

Has anyone already developed a open source xiff-flashclient??

as i understood the first XIFF stable release will have some Flash Client. Dont know for sure, but i think there could be some clients on the internet. Maybe someone else will give you more details on this.

There are currently no open-source clients yet (AFAIK). I started building a client for Central about a year ago, but that was with an old version (Alpha 1) of the API. There are a few non-open projects out there. One is Scenerum:


hi Sean,

The link on you website is broken:


Do you have this zip somewhere else?


Try http://voisen.org/downloads

I have yet to go through the archives of my site and update everything.

Re: Full functional flash client


I took a quick look at this old sample you had for the old version of the API, and was wondering if this was a working client or not… And did it work stand-alone, or was it really focused on Macromedia Central somehow (I guess all that “pod” stuff made me wonder!)

It looks like the public API has changed very little, if at all from what I saw, but I’'ve just started playing around with XIFF. It mostly looked like paths were all that needed to be changed for the library and client references to XIFF to update this to a working sample if it was at that point! Would this seem right to you?

Thanks in advance!