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Funny Dates?

I just loaded up a new Openfire deployment with 40,000 users. I used a perl script to stuff the mysql database directly. Seems to have worked just fine, but for some of the users the creation date displayed in the admin console is Dec 17, 1973. When I look at the values in the database they look find to me, i.e. they should be Aug 16, 2009. Anyone have an idea what is going on?

Hi Bill,

I bet I know what happened The database column is a varchar for the ‘ticks’ value times 1000 and not the simple text representation of the date.


I noticed that the hard way. My first attempts to created users just used SQL assignments like modificationDate=‘2009-08-16’ because I assume that a field name Date would actually contain a date. That creates ofUser entries that are completely ignored by Openfire. I am now correctly creating the required strings. So, that is not the problem.

Indeed, I guessed that there was some something about the time string that I was not understanding and I just copied the value from a user record that displayed correctly to one what was displaying incorrectly. That did not fix the problem. I guess I should really starting digging into the code and see if I can figure out how dates are handled.

By the by, in my investigations I also noticed that when the Openfire management interface adds a user it also bumps a counter number 25 in the ofID tables.