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GAIM and file transfer

Does anyone have any issues with Gaim and File transfer? All I’'m and group chats work fine. On local Lan users are prompted to accept the transfer then the transfer fails with a message that the user cancled the transfer.

There are no errors in the log.

Firewalls are not an issue in this situation.

I was unable to make it work either. Both users were using GAIM. I’'m not sure if it is an issue with GAIM, or Jive (or both?).

I do not see anything on GAIM web site saying that it is supported or not.

Far as I know, jive doesn’'t support File Transfer yet.



so unless GAIM (limited use on my part) has some file transfer piece built in, I’‘m not sure at this time that you will be able to transfer files just yet. Then again, perhaps i can’'t use file transfer in miranda cause my firewall. Ya never know.

I had little success using GAIM on various platforms (with file transfers), so I switched to PSI and have no problems at all. Using the Jive Messenger Server, but from what I can tell the server side has little to do with the file transfer’‘s. I even put up a socks server for out of band file transfer’'s but found that after swiching my Jabber client to PSI this was not needed. Its too bad because I really like GAIM, however the file transfer problems canned the product for me.

I was able to send file from Psi(Win98) to Gaim(FC3) without problems. Gaim to Psi requires a bit of tweaking on Gaim’‘s side. Psi’‘s default data transfer port is 8010 …or something at that range while Gaim works between ports 1024 and 2048. Adjusting Gaim’'s listener to accommodate Psi solved the problem.

I don’'t think jive-messenger was involved during the file transfer though. Can anyone verify this?

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Well I cant even get GAIM to GAIM transfers to work…

anyone have any ideas yet?

Dont you think this question should be addressed to Gaim developers? Jive doesnt have File Transfer support, so now any transfers are working peer-to-peer. So the server cant block it in anyway.

quoted from the GAIM faq

Does Gaim support file transfer?

AIM and ICQ file transfer is partially implemented. Notably, it will fail when the sender is behind a NAT device, and sometimes when the sender is behind a firewall even if not behind a NAT. Jonathan Clark is working on this as a Summer of Code project.

I’'m having the problem of not being able to send files with gaim