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GAIM and searching Wildfire for contacts

Hey all.

I’‘m using GAIM client with my internal Wildfire server. I’‘m having a bear of a time searching for clients. I’'m sure this is more of a GAIM issue than Wildfire but I figured maybe someone has encountered this and can help me out. So sorry if this is misplaced.

Is it possbile to search the GAIM for a wildfire/jabber buddy like Spark can? I have 1500 users now and they can’‘t even remember their own login IDs let alone 30 of their closest coworker’'s JIDs. I need to be able to search for Dick or Nixon or Dick Nixon not dnixon@internal.jabberserver.com

Any advice.

Again sorry if this post is misplaced.


Hey PM,

I’'m going to lock this thread since you made similar question in this other thread[/url].

– Gato