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GAIM TLS/SSL connection problem

One of my users is using GAIM/Linux (1.5.0-9.FC4) and is having problems connecting over TLS/SSL.

He can connect fine if I enable optional security (not something I want to do long term). However, he gets:

  • Read error with both SSL+TLS on 5223

  • gaim crashes with SSL+TLS on port 5222

  • xml error with TLS on port 5222

  • SSL on 5222 = TLS needed error

  • SSL on 5223 = TLS errror

  • TLS on 5222 = xml errror

Has anyone else experienced this issue or, better still, know of a solution?



  1. What version of Jive Messenger are you using?

  2. Does GAIM have “Force old SSL” checked in the advanced account setup?

I’'ve seen the TLS error if the “Force old SSL” box is checked since, of course, TLS is not “old SSL”.

You should have “Use TLS if available” checked and use port 5222 in GAIM (with Jive Messenger set up using 5222 as a normal port with require TLS checked on the security page).

Hey bux,

I was able to run the same client (same version) in FC4 and was able to connect using TLS. I tried setting TLS as required or optional and in both cases Gaim was able to log in.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

. Do not use the out-of-the-box certificates. Instead create new ones for your server domain. Create both RSA and DSA certificates.

. Port 5222 is used for plain and TLS connections

. Port 5223 is only used for the old SSL method

If you are still having issues please post any error you see in the log files and also post the exchanged XML between Gaim and the server.


– Gato

I’'m using Jive Messenger v2.3.1.

However, I’'m using out-of the-box certificates which may be the issue.

I’‘ll try a GAIM myself when I get chance and also generate new certificates. Thanks for your responses, I’'ll let you know how I get on.



Working now (TLS, no force SSL, port 5222).

Will probably still generate certificates (when I get around to it…)

Thanks again.