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Gaim won''t connect

Ok, I must be new and stupid, but I can not get GAIM to connect to Wildfire locally or externally. When I use the Spark IM client I have zero trouble connecting interally. In Gaim (beta 2) , I use the Jabber protocal, my username, my servers IP/netbios resource = home and my password and it fails to connect everytime.

Any ideas?

TLS Enabled in both?

If so, do you have an RSA key in your keystore?

I will check into this and mark the thread as answered if it works. Thanks for giving me another place to look.

I only thought of it because I was having TLS related issues with Gaim with my own server.

If you run "keytool -list -keystore " on your keystore file, the keys will need “keyEntry” after the date in the first line of each key definition.

If you don’'t get keyEntry, the key is probably not usable for TLS connections.

I have an RSA and DSA key both with keyEntry values (with “rsa” as the alias for my rsa key and “dsa” as the alias for my dsa key).