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Can I connect to wildfire using Gaim? if so is the setup standard? what is a good client other then spark that I can use on a Mac?

Gaim works great. I’‘m using 1.5.x for our clients at work, and it’'s personally what I use, as well.

Hi Jake,

I’‘m a big fan of url=http://www.adiumx.com/Adium[/url]. Or, you can always use Apple’'s own url=http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/ichat/iChat[/url].

Hope that helps,


I have tried to connect to my Wildfire server with Gaim(2.0.0 Beta) and Gaim keeps closing on me and will not work. Any suggestions? I like Adium also for a OS X based client. I need to be able to have our employee connect to MSN AOL Wildfire and Yahoo.

I have one person here who tried to connect via GAIM 2.0 beta, and got the same problem. GAIM crashed as soon as the connection process began.

thereis also fire http://fire.sourceforge.net/ i prefer adium.