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Gateway contacts (and folders) fail to appear if "Sign in at login" selected

Using Spark 2.5.6 on Gnome on Fedora Core 6, 32-bit.

When I set my Gateways to “Sign in at login,” I have to “Exit” (because Linux version has yet to add “Log out” under “Spark”) then start Spark again to see my Gateway contacts and any separate folders in which they may reside (e.g., “Buddies”). The only Gateway contacts I notice are the ones who are in my “Offline Group.”

To avoid this annoyance, I have unselected “Sign in at login,” and manually sign in to the Gateways after I have started Spark. The Gateway contacts and folders appear as expected.

Thank you.

What version of the plugin are you using as well? Was spark a clean/new instal or an upgrade?

This is a fresh installation of 2.5.6. I am unable to determine the version of the Gateway plugin.

I should amend my original post. When I “Sign in” to each Gateway, my Gateway contacts and folders won’t appear until I “Exit”, start Spark, and “Sign In” a second time.

Are you an administrator of your Openfire Server? If so go to the plugins tab to see what version of the gateway plugin is running. Which installer fie for spark did you use, exe or msi? I would say try the other one after doing an unistall of the cureent app. To completely unistall the program you must delete the residual Spark folder from your user folder as well as program files.

I am seeing the same problem, but I don’t have ‘sign-in at login’ checked. I have to start Spark twice in order for my gateway contacts to show up. I’m using Spark 2.5.6 (windows) which I reinstalled after deleting all local profile information.

The server is running 3.3.2 (windows) with gateway plugin 1.1.

We are still seeing the same problem. We noticed it when we installed 2.5.5 and now still have the same problem with 2.5.6 (some have to restart spark 3 times to get the contacts to show up). The IM Gateway plug-in we are using is version 1.1.1

This issue has been resolved in my configuration of Spark 2.5.6, Openfire 3.3.1, and Gateway Plugin 1.1.1. The new version of spark seemed to fix it for me. I did a complete uninstall (including manual deletion of residual directories) of Spark, and install of 2.5.6 from the exe file not the msi (Ibuild my own msi for distribution to support SSO in windows). I will begin testing 2.5.6 with Openfire 3.3.2 this week. I run in an entirely windows environment (Server, Client, and LDAP).

We have also been having this problem, but to the next level. We are using openfire 3.3.2 on fedora core hooked into Active Directory. Sometimes not only do we not get gateway contacts, but we also do not received any spark buddies. We use shared user groups out of active directory, which seem to generate interesting log files.

Regardless, usually the problem is resolved by exiting spark and launching it again. We have been having this issues even before the initial spark 2.5 release. I have been exchanging some messages with Derek, hoping we can figure this out so we can further investigate fully implementing jabber in our educational institution.