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Gateway: del contact

Hi, All !

Can anybody to check : is the 4.7.1 in JEP-100 implemented ?

So, is server to translate remove event from client to “presence” packets to gateway ?

WBR, Alex.

Hi !

This is detailed description.

Client have contact “alexander_buloichik%hotmail.com” inroster, and trying to delete it. Client sends packet to messenger:

And receives packets from messenger :

Gateway also receives packet from messenger:

<item jid="alex@myserver.org" subscription="remove"/>

But gateway should receive “subscription” packets as described in 4.7.1 in JEP-100

WBR, Alex.

Hey Alex,

Thanks for the bug report. In fact this problem has to do with the way Messenger is handling roster removals. I created this issue JM-190 for this problem.


– Gato