Gateway encoding

Thanks for the done work! Registration and check of the user has done!

What i need to enter in field Encoding for support of Russian 1251 codepage?

Restart plugin or server to setting applied?

cp1251 work! !!!

waiting vCard retrive for icq contacts…

That’‘s great news! Thank you for letting me know! (be sure to thank nikitine! He wrote the code to support that! =) ) And yeah, as for vcards, that’'s a “post 1.0” thing right now, unless I simply get “The bug” to do something with it. ;D (or if someone submits me code) hehehehe

I have set this field to “windows-1251”. It works with miranda and qip, but i`m not sure about icq5 and icqpro.

The newer ICQ clients support actual true to life unicode. =D So in those cases, the encoding setting isn’'t even used.

How about IRC transport encoding?

Thus, I have problems with cp1251 and koi8-r russian IRC servers.

Hrm. Well I’'ll try! I see PyIRCt does it so in theory I should be able to as well.

Oh, GATE-165