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Gateway Icons

I have made some custom icons for the gateways. Getting them to work on the server is cake. I can not get them to work in Spark however. Where would I place them in Spark to get them to work. I have already replaced them in the spark.jar file, and rebooted. The originals still show. Not saying that the icons from Daniel aren’t ok…well alright they aren’t for me .

I have figured out how to do this. I am attaching the new icons to this message in the hopes that they get included in a release soon. The current gTalk and XMPP icons are very ugly.

Here are updated yahoo icons.

Speaking mostly for the IM gateway plugin . . .

I don’t really see the point in replacing the XMPP icons right now. We’ll be replacing them with the officially decided logo from the XMPP foundation when the time comes. (looks like they’re pressing for a decision this week) Also I never liked the way that particular icon looked. =) (I just borrowed from Adium X for the icons btw)

As for the google talk one, I’m undecided on that one. I’m not sure if it conveys google talk enough as much as it conveys google the search engine and company.

As for the Yahoo one, I’m not sure I really see the difference, what’s changed? Did you say it was just cleaning up some “artifacts” from the previous icon?

Yes I removed the artifacts from the yahoo icon and made it taller so it would be more akin to the others in height. Blame it on my OCD…

It looks like you made it skinnier too, is that correct? (that one always was the “fattest” of the icons for seemingly no reason)

maybe It is based on a transparent tiff provided by yahoo. adjusted to scale correctly to 16x16 pixels.

(just to make sure, i wasn’t saying your icons were too wide, was saying the previous ones were “oddly wider than the others”)

I understand I was just explaining why it may seem thinner. Where did you get the info regarding XMPP Foundation Logo descision?

I’m a member of the XSF =) it’s on the members list. I think you can view the archives at www.xmpp.org.

Of course then there is the crazy dumb new AIM logo:

Lord, that’s ugly =/

here are all the icons in place in my spark: