Gateway Interaction?

Does smack support gateway interaction? I’‘d like to be able to use it to send messages to AIM, YAHOO, MSN, or ICQ. Would it be possible for me to do that using smack? It doesn’‘t say anything about it in any of the documentation that I’'ve seen.

Hey qbproger,

Currently Smack does not have support for gateways as specified in XEP-0100: Gateway Interaction. However, if you are using Wildfire then you may not need to have support for it. Our gateway implementation is trying to move some of the client responsibilities to the server so it is easier for clients to use gateways. However, if you are not using Wildfire’'s gateway then you can easily implement XEP-100 on top of Smack. The basic pieces of the puzzle are already provided by Smack.


– Gato

ok thanks. I might be back here later asking more about that, but for the the time being… thank you.