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Gateway.jar needed for running on wildfire 3.2.2

I have a server running 3.2.2 but I’‘m not ready to update it to 3.3.1 yet because it’‘s a big job porting all the extensions I’'ve made that fall foul of the package name changes wildfire->openfire in the API.

The current version of the IM gateway plugin doesn’'t seem to run against 3.2.2, presumably for the same reason?

Where can I get hold of a version of gateway.jar that works on 3.2.2?



I no longer have any builds of it anywhere. I did attach it to some post in this forum one day, so you may have luck doing some searches for it. Otherwise, maybe someone else has it? You could also check version 1.0 out of the repository and build it yourself against the wildfire 3.2.2 sources.

ok. I’'ll check that out, tnx.