Gateway (msn) up and down all the time

Hi guys,

I’m using openfire-3.4.5 and gateway plugin 1.2.2a. My openfire is integrated with ldap and I have around 1000+ users. Everything is working great except the gateway plugin which, the connection with MSN network is up and down every few minutes. Does anyone know what is happening? Before upgrading the gateway plugin (from 1.2.0 to 1.2.2a) the communication with MSN network was just normal …



Hello, I have the same problem. I’m using openfire 3.5.0 plugin 1.2.3.

My openfire is integrated with ldap and I have 30 users, checked the firewall and all is ok, not have a proxy and my openfire makes NAT.

Anyone can help?

I have exactly the same problem (1000 users 3.4.5).

As not everybody is seeing this, I’m assuming it could be related to the roster of some of our users?

To be honest, I was putting this down to our firewall. Now it seems it’s not, I’ll take a better look at the logs.

Hello All,

I have the same problem with openfire 3.5.1 and Gateway IM 1.2.3. My uses database in on Ldap, with about 500 users.

Only with one user I have no problemas, but with others, the problem is frequently.

My firewall and web filter are ok.

same problem here




Gateway Plugin


=/ I wish I could reproduce this. I have no clue what is going on!

I have connection problems without using an ldap server. I’m the only person using my openfire server. I can connect to MSN but it seems that after some data comes in through the transport it drops. For example, it will sometimes drop me sending my msn roster to my client, other times I can send a message or two but get dropped right afterwards before I get a reply.

I’ll try to get some logs later on today if it’ll help.

I had the similiar issue, only one user was able to login to other transports. Using all current versions and no ldap. I had to uninstall OpenFire and manually delete the directory and reinstall to get it to work.

Tiker, i had same issue here, and solved disabling ‘Enable buddy icons’ option in gateway configuration, now i can stay online all time, without disconections.

I hope this help u al, but i wish this problem is solved in next IM gateway version.

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That’s right, I did the tests here and disabling “Enable buddy icons” The connection is OK.

I will wait for the solution of this problem to start using Openfire.

Thank you.

On the back of that recommendation I also disabled buddy icons. It’s early days, but it looks a lot more stable.

In an ideal world, I’d love to be able to see some of this in action. Problem is I’m not coming up with a good way to do that. ponder Unless — would any of you mind registering with my public XMPP service Register with the MSN transport there and see if you see the same regular disconnects. That would give me quick and easy access to see what’s going on. (and more importantly, why I’m not seeing it with my own MSN account!!!)