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Gateway Plugin Problem

Hey Jive Soft - Hey Openfire Team,

I have an Jabber-Service and yep, its running since 2 months with Openfire 3.6.3 - mysql - no clustering.

Since the launch of Daniel Henninger’s IM Gateway Plugin (my version: 1.2.4d) i’ve seen a few things in 2 transports:

All my MSN-Users go offline, just for a sec, and after that they going Online within a few hours - sometimes only 1 time a day. - the thing is: ALL MSN Contacts going off. This bug is only in MSN, my other Transports running fine.

Since one month a new Transport is activated: Yahoo.

Two users reported a problem with it: The one can receive and send messages over Y! - the other one can only receive Y! Messages, but he cannot send any - both are registered and logged in @ my jabber-server -the sent message get lost. Both using my Spark Web-Client - latest Version. Other Transports working fine, they said

So i hope Daniel or some other can help me.

Best regards,

R. Kluth

No ideas or answers?

  • Re MSN loggoffs followed by relogins: We’ve seen similar behavior; a bunch of the logoffs were obviated by disabling buddy icons for MSN. However, even with that disabled, they still happen (just with less frequency), so there’s another problem somewhere that we’re still digging into on our own server. Will post again if we make more progress.

  • Re Yahoo gateway problems: There are multiple Yahoo protocols out in the wild, and the gateway plugin doesn’t properly implement the latest versions, especially around invitations. There’s some progress that has been made on getting the new protocols all implemented (see the Krakken website for more info), but they’re not done, and generally there aren’t many developers working on it, so its likelihood of working anytime soon with a high consistency is questionable. We have found with our own implementation that Adium clients work fine with the YM gateway plugin; it’s the Yahoo Messenger clients that do not.


I’ve wrote to Daniel Henninger, and so i hope for an answer (maybe in this topic )

You should use the latest Kraken plugin and ask in Kraken forums.