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Gateway registration disappearing

I have the latest version of Openfire and Spark. I have 7 users using the MSN gateway, but when I try to add the eighth, it will show up for several seconds, then disappear. I am not really sure what to make of it, but the users information all gets added and it shows in the list that the person has accessed the internet (MSN) then with a refresh, that persons information (that I had just entered) vanishes. Everyone else is able to access MSN no problems and the gateway seldom gives me issues. Any ideas on what I am coming up against would be great.

blink Ooookay. =) I’'m stumped. What database backend are you using?

Sorry, have been out for some time. I am getting the same issue now as I was in June. I am using MySQL back end.

Today I have a user that attempted to connect through the MSN gateway. When she logged out then back in, she got a message saying basically saying she did not have an account set up under the MSN gateway. While she was doing this, I was logged into Openfire and watched as her account disappeared from the gateway list. This seems to happen to this user all the time. She’'s using the gateway to communicate online for weeks at a time. Then one day she tried to connect as always and the system deletes her account in the gateway pluggin. I then recreate her account and after lots of blood, sweat, tears, and a little crying she connects (but this all happens over a half day period) after multiple gateway account recreations. I am using Openfire 3.3.1, and the Spark (2.5.4)

I know not why her account continues to be deleted from the list. There are at least 5 to 7 other users that run flawlessly everyday through the gateway with no complaints.

I am stumped!

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I unfortunately haven’‘t the slightest idea of what would be causing that. Enable debug logs if you haven’‘t already and send me a copy of your logs during the period when y’'all create the account and when it “vanishes”.

In the Spark messenger there is an option to delete login information. Is that information for the local machine or is that also supposed to delete the login info stored on the server under the gateway registration section?

That option will trigger the actual registration itself to be deleted. (not just client side, server side too)