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Gateway to multiple IRC servers

Hi all!

After spending a couple of days with ejabberd and not being able to successfully configure it I did now choose to migrate to Wildfire (on FreeBSD 6.0)

Everything works perfectly nice, big complement for the administration gui.

But now my question: I installed the im-gateway plugin in order to use the irc transport. But how is it posible to connect to multiple irc networks (like freenode and euirc)?

If this isn’‘t possible with the build-in gateway plugin’'s transport which other transport would you recommend?

Sorry please move this thread to ,IM Gateway Support’’’’

Howdy! While I would prefer this thread get moved to my forum, I happened to be looking through this forum and noticed your post. =) Right now the IRC support works with one and only one IRC server. (on top of that, I don’‘t have MUC/groupchat support yet, so it might not be what you are looking for) GATE-197 refers to my eventual adding of multiple irc server support. As for alternatives, there’'s PyIRCt and JJIGW (I think generally regarded as the best). Check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Jabber_component_software

Note that 90% of the links are broken now due to jabberstudio’'s termination, so the page is pretty worthless now.

I don’‘t know about that, the bulk of projects on there aren’‘t on jabberstudio. Plus the name of a project + google can get you pretty far. 1st google result for jjigw gives you it’'s new location: http://jjigw.jajcus.net/trac/

(hell, while I’‘m at it, I’'ll update the wikipedia link ;D )