Hey where can I download the gateways to other IM’'s… Like Yahoo, MSN , AIM, and such… Does Jivesoftware have their own or do we use a third party gateway??

Wildfire 3.1.0 ( yet to release) having its own gateway plugin. Once you installed wildfire 3.1.0 server, you can configure gateway in client itself

I understand that but the problem is “yet to be released”… I am looking to use it today… I’'ve heard there is one or several but can not find them… Any ideas…


you can try to use pyMSNt, pyICQt, py…t or some other gateways like “The Joust Project”, “Java-JML” or “jYMSG”. Actually I assume that you will spend some time to get these running, so not sure if theses gateway meet your requirement “today”.


it2000 wrote:

Actually I assume that you will spend some time to get these running

And then again some time to fight the bugs occuring

I use the following with my Wildfire server at the moment:


PyICQt (i’‘m the author of these top two, so i’'m kinda biased)




They are all working quite well, but, unfortunately, they all have their issues. First off, PyAIMt/PyICQt/PyMSNt all use Twisted, which is a bit of a moving target and many folk are updating to the latest version of it only to find PyAIMt and PyICQt no longer work. =/ PyYIMt and PyIRCt are somewhat younger, and use a different framework. Apparantly a lot of folk are having problems with them as well.

There are setup instructions at for PyAIMt and PyICQt, but due to the dependencies and such, I might refer to it as an ‘‘advanced’’ install.

The plugin I’‘m working on has nothing advanced at all, but that’‘s not to say that you might not be interested in messing with the Pys for now, see if you like them, that sort of thing! Depending on the OS, you may find that someone’'s already packaged all the necessary pieces.

is there a beta version of the gateway plugin available ?


Not yet! Cross your fingers for soon though!

allright, keep it up!