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General & javadoc questions

I may be wrong but I think there is an error in one of code examples in the current javadoc (ver 1.0 beta2):

  1. On Chat class page, you have an example showing a possible way to connect and send to a user (part of which is featured below:

Chat chat = new Chat("jdoe@jabber.org");

chat.sendMessage(“Hey, how’'s it going?”);

But you can’'t actually create a chat object out of just a JID…you also need to pass a XMPPConnection string at least.

  1. Has anyone made any example applications using the Smack libs yet? If so, it would be nice to have a thread or area of the site highlighting open source projects using these libs…

  2. …Which leads on to my final question/point - are there any pointers fellow developers would like to give to someone who has java experience but never coded an IM client (any pitfalls to watch out for?).




#1) Thanks, I found and corrected that documentation error. The preferred way to create a Chat object is con.cretaeChat(String) where con is an XMPPConnection object.

#2) Nobody has let me know of applications that they’‘ve written with Smack yet, although several users have posted code snippets they’‘ve been working on. I’'d be happy to list projects if people send me links. However, my bet is that it will still be a bit before any such projects are ready, as Smack is still pretty new.

#3) I don’'t have any specific tips, except to keep the Smack feedback coming.




Yes, I realise that development of the Smack libs is still in its early stages. From the little research that I’'ve made over the last few days it looks like they are something to keep a very close eye on.

Mainly due to the speed of development and simple feature-set, I have now made a personal decision to start developing a small application using the Smack libs, and hope to keep you guys updated with my developments. I’'m thinking if we can all share our source we can make better final products (which are crucially more stable).