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General purpose Question

For the admin Console, is there anyway to change the default look and feel to the login page? in that, if I wanted to add the company logo or something?


Hi Jeff,

are you looking for a Wildfire skinning service?

One thing I use is a submit button on another host (or local filesystem) to login so I don’'t need the normal login page:


I did add the password in it so I don’‘t need to enter it every time - every client which can view the page can see the plaintext-password so you may want to remove it. But there is usually no need to enter the username, it’'s either admin or %USERNAME% which one can get using IE + ActiveX.

One should also be able to make a simple link of it with some css / javascript or replace the button with an image etc.



If you know css, you can edit the global.css or login.jsp directly (it seems to have some builtin styling. If you just want change images, wildfire-logo.gif can be replaced with your custom (just keep the names the same).

Hope that helps,


naw, no skinning service just need to add an icon… Thanks for the instructions. When I get serious about a flashy corporate page, I wil look into your instructions.