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General Questions about Jive Messenger in conjunction with XIFF

Hi there

I just have a general question about jive messenger. I am currently looking for a

server which allows me to create a multi-user environment that includes

chat but also other data that needs to be broadcasted to participants in a room/channel

whatever… (for example coordinates, other misc data and vars) as i’'m planning on creating

a multiplayer flash game. Sofar all i have read about Jive Messenger and XIFF makes me think of it as a pure Messenger/Chat based thing. Am i wrong about this ? Could i use Jive Messenger and XIFF for such a purpose and if will it be nessecary to write my own plugins probably for this purpose ?

I think XMPP is definitely the protocol you’‘re looking for. It’'s very easy to extend to send other data – check out the list of JEPs at http://www.jabber.org/jeps as an example.

For example, let’'s say you want to send game data to other users. In this example, we just broadcast game data to another user by using a message object with a custom payload.

<message to="user1 from=“user2”>

<game_data xmlns=“http://www.foo.com”>


You can also add custom payloads to presence and iq packets. Several JEPs have been created to make it easier to send custom data back and forth between xmpp clients such as pubsub and xml rpc.

Your best bet would be to start by researching what xmpp can do in general. I think you’'ll find Jive Messenger and XIFF to be a good fit after doing that.