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Hello I am new to openfire what commands do I need to know for the channel and how do I do a test chat and get the link to put on my site also how do I make a bot in the admin to change chat limits and that

can I suggest you also make a mobile version of spark and openfire
openfire-phpbb3-1.0.0.jar (8317 Bytes)
openfire-phpbb3-1.0.0-javadoc.jar (26334 Bytes)
openfire-phpbb3-1.0.0-sources.jar (4538 Bytes)

What about some punctuation?

Openfire is not a IRC server, so there are no usual irc commands in the channel, though there are some, like /me. Also Openfire supports some ad-hoc commands, which can be issued to the server, but this is probably not what you are looking for. Not sure what do you mean by doing a test chat. Links to jabber are called xmpp uris. You can read more about them http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/XMPP_URIs Users, which are not registered on your server will not be able to join a chat by clicking such link. Also they need a jabber client running and XMPP URI should be registered as a file format in the operating system.

There is no automatic bot system in Openfire. You have to code a plugin or use one of the existing. E.g. Helga bot. But i think it cant change room’s settings.

There is no point of having mobile version of Openfire. It is a server application. As about Spark, it is too heavy and cant be modified for mobile platforms. It must be rewritten from the ground and probably in some other language. There are no plans nor human resources to do this. So you should probably look for other mobile jabbers clients.

how do I open openfire using spark

and how do I make sparkweb work for my account with openfire and how do I connect openfire to irc

I got told I can do thatusing a gateway I would like to conect to openfire so I would using freenode they told me to come here

I dont understand how do you want to open Openfire with Spark. Spark is a messaging client. You connect to Openfire server with your credentials (login, password, server) with Spark and chat with others.

If you mean administration, then you should read the documentation (Install Guide > Setup the Server and so on): http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/documentation.jsp

About SparkWeb you can read my How-to: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1553

To use irc with Openfire/Spark, you need to install Kraken XMPP Gateway plugin into Openfire. You can find plugin here: http://kraken.blathersource.org/

lets start with the basics

  • Openfire is a chat server using the XMPP protocol (can be run on Mac, Windows, Nix)
  • Openfire can be connected to with any XMPP client (Spark, PSI, iChat, etc)
  • Additional protocols (AIM, IRC, MSN, etc) can be add via the kraken plugin (not available on this site)
  • There is a sparkweb client that requires being run from a website
  • There are other third party web clients

Helo there how do i install openfire on linux and can you tell me how

to make the servername your domain.com insted of the ip address of the

server and can you do openfire on shared or reseller

I would like a group what i add them to trainee’s what they cant take

chats until they are ready a trainee can only be added to the room to

watch the chats or speak to them, i got told i can open the chat on

sark and change the chat limit,

Also were do i get our chat link for public use and do we need ssl on the site

That depends on the linux distribution you use and i strongly recommend to read the documentation (i gave the link already). There are buch of linux installers (rpm, deb, solaris) and also tar.gz which can be just extracted and run.

You can specify the name of your server in the setup process. About linking it to your real domain name and all DNS stuff maybe Todd will help you.

What you mean by shared or reseller? I’m not american, so maybe it is not obvious to me. If it is a dedicated server, then it should have Java JRE installed or you should be able to install it yourself. Simple hosting won’t do.

You can create a group chat room and check the “Make Room Moderated” checkbox. This will mean, that every new user connecting to this room won’t has a voice right. Then admin or owner of this chat can grant a voice right. You can do it with Spark or with any other jabber client supporting such commands. In Spark you just right click a user and choose Grant Voice. This will work only for the current session. You can’t add a user to room members with Spark. You will have to go to Admin Console, Group chat, this room’s settings, User Permissions and then add a desired user to Room Members category. Other clients may have an option to add user to Room Members directly in the chat.

While being room’s admin or owner you can right click in the chat window while connected with Spark and select Configure Room. There you will be able to change some of the room’s settings, but i don’t understand what limits you are talking about.

There is no way to put a link to a chat on a website. You can use a SparkWeb, but it is not just a link to a chat, it is a web client, you have to login into it to be able to chat. SSL is not required, but if Openfire is using SSL, then SparkWeb will need it too. Of course, it is recommended to use SSL if you have such opportunity, for the security sake.

thanks for that that was good to know what time does the server re start every week

what ever time you configure your server to restart at. there is no preconfigured restart cycle to openfire when it is installed.

Helo how do i make the server name a domain name.

Can i watch chats and keep records of all of them using spark or openfire

The irc network i spoke to wont allow proxy and i would like to

install spark web and can you give me step by step guides to install

sparkweb also what do i need to get spark web.

**hi guys is there a mobile phone version of spark and openfire **

**I got told what there was a issue with the latest centos build and what openfire is stopping well only going to be on linux from now on